Adele Collins needs your help!

What Can You Do?
Help Raise Money –
Any donation that can be raised to help Adele pay her insurance costs is a big help, every dollar counts! Collect money at shows, or do a benefit show (like the upcoming BTGOG reunion show!).

Donate Directly –
You can make a direct donation by sending it to Adele, to her Paypal account (see below), or to Catalyst Records and we’ll pass it on.
Get in Touch –
Adele would love to hear from you, her condition makes it very difficult for her to get out of her house for any extended periods of time. Send her an email, give her a call, or write a letter, it would mean a lot to her.
Spread the Word –
The more people that know about her need the more money we can raise to help her out. If you need information fliers let us know here at Catalyst and we’ll make sure you get some.
Contact Adele:
Adele Collins
P.O. Box 321
Buckner, KY – 40010
email/ paypal acct:
Adele Collins has been diagnosed with what is called a Pseudotumor Cerebri. This is a condition caused by the body producing too much spinal fluid, which then creates extreme pressure on the brain, replicating the symptoms of having an actual brain tumor (extreme amounts of nausea and vomiting, dangerously elevated blood pressure, threat of damage to the eyes as a result of vomiting, chronic migraine headaches, etc.). This is a rare condition that is generally seen only in young women, and Adeles case is more sever than many.
In the past year Adele has been hospitalized for upwards of 100 days, and had about 60 Emergency Room visits. She has also had to endure 10 dangerous spinal tap procedures in the last four months to relieve the pressure on her brain. Unfortunately her condition cannot be treated in the ER, but it has become the only way she can be admitted to hospitals, as many of the hospitals in her area have turned her down when needing medical care, either because they are unable to provide the care she needs or because she is already behind on bills she owes.
Due to this condition Adele is unable to work, and though she still receives a small amount of disability pay (about $600 a month) she and her family are in desperate need of financial assistance to continue her treatment. Currently her health insurance bills alone are in excess of $1100 a month, not including out of pocket prescription costs of $300-$400 a month. In addition her insurance provider is doing their best to drop her coverage (since they are no longer profiting from their coverage) and have now said that if she is one day late on her monthly payment that her policy will be dropped.
Adele has obtained a neurologist that she is working with in an attempt to cure or at least get a handle on her condition, and has been to the Cleveland Clinic for testing and treatment. Unfortunately she is currently in desperate need, and if she becomes unable to continue to pay her medical insurance and therefore see the specialists, she is in danger of losing her eyesight, of incurring irreversible brain damage, or of death from this condition if left untreated.
When she developed the condition Adele was employed as a teacher for children with special needs. This was one of her passions outside of the hardcore scene. She dedicated her career to helping children with physical and learning disabilities. She is someone who wants to make a difference in the world, and wishes to get back to teaching and helping “her kids” as soon as possible.
Adele has given a lot to the hardcore scene over the years, from publishing I Stand Alone zine (with her own money, and in the hopes of breaking even, not to make money) to releasing records for friends bands to booking countless shows for touring bands in Louisville. She often went out of her way to welcome and encourage new people in the scene. She didnt do any of this with the idea of getting something back out of it, only because she loved the hardcore scene and the potential it had. Now the scene has the opportunity to help her out and to give something back to someone who is in dire need of our assistance. Any donations to help her out would be greatly appreciated. This is a case where you can do something tangible that will have a direct effect upon the life of someone in need. Thanks to all those who have donated thier time and/ or money to help out, and thanks to everyone who does the same in the future.