Kodan Armada/Stanzig

According to Dan of Kodan Armada… we have reported wrong, and KA is still together, and will be replacing Cory, Adam, and Brent. Dan said that himself and Ryan are still into it and will attempt to continue touring….”adam,cory,brent left the band.
me and ryan are still doing it,with the same amount of
heart,for the same reasons,we are getting new
people,revolving door process…we will be the main
writers,but we will have people that can come on tour
with us,we have already started
working on songs,and we wish the guys the best in
whatever they may or may not be doing.” – from the man himself.
Lords drummer Stan Doll will front a Danzig tribute band, aptly titled “STANZIG”, that has formed in order to perform two halloween shows. The STANZIG line up also contains Chris Owens from Lords on guitar, Tony Bailey from Verktum on drums and Rodney Rhodes from The Brothers Of Conquest on bass. They are playing 2 shows, one on Oct. 29th, and one on Oct 30th… keep an eye on our shows section for the info.