Ayin Record Release, Halloween comps!

From Daisy:
Ayin’s full length record, Nothing Islands, will be avalable by election day. If you want a copy, go to www.ayinkillsyou.org, call daisy’s number, and he will drive you a copy wherever you are for $10. Or you can wait until ayin plays in about a month and a half, and get it for $8. It’s up to you. And that’s what we at The Ayin Corporation want to bring to you: Choices. Ayin: Have it your way.
And so anyone who reads this knows, the Halloween shows on the 30th AND the 31st will have free CDs at the door to the first kiddos to make it through. So run the gauntlet, take your hits, and get to the door as fast as you can. the bands with songs available on the 2 comps are: Canopic (first release), Nixon, Stanzig, Pocketbomb, Ganthet, Lords, Coliseum, Christiansen… maybe more.