Carolina survives warehouse fire

“sometime friday night the warehouse my band carolina calls home caught fire. the fire originated just outside the door to our practice area. i recieved a call from morgan saying “there was a fire, i don’t know how bad”. aside from the outside brick walls, the whole structure floor and ceiling are wood. i’ve never been as nervous as i was on the drive over. my stomach was in knots. as it turns out we were lucky. although the spinklers didn’t come on (good for the equipment bad for the building) the fire dept got there in time. they had to come in from underneath the fire as we aren’t on the ground floor so there are holes in the floor which is waterlogged and covered in wet ashes. the equipment was thankfully saved (thanks to newly errected walls) and removed after the fact although a lot of it was covered in soot. aside from that its hard to tell the condition of the building. its dark, wet, and the air is stale and smells of smoke. its like a cave. we’ll have power again on monday and will be able to assess the damage better. we were lucky, we could have lost everything; all of our amps we endlessly obsess over, mics, drums, pedalboards, our pa, etc. most of all we could have lost our favorite place in the world. the place we hide out, write, rehearse, record some, and hang out. i’ll say it again, we were lucky.”
-matt b