Slint reunion!!!! For Real!

Holy shit, Slint are reforming! We know, you got that from the headline, but we just needed a moment with our feelings….

As previously reported in Pitchfork, speculation has been swirling recently around the possibility of the Louisville post-rock pioneers jumping back in the lake together, metaphorically speaking. As previously kept secret from Pitchfork, however, this is really happening. Slint will curate and perform at the first All Tomorrow’s Parties festival of 2005, scheduled for February 25th-27th at Camber Sands in England.
ATP’s announcement cited Brian McMahan, David Pajo and Britt Walford, the three members who formed the core of the group for their two landmark albums, as the lineup for the reunited band. (Even though the group usually travelled as a foursome.) Slint are currently the only band named on the festival’s website as performers. However, now that the cat’s out of the bag, we expect the other acts to start rolling on in.
The list of bands that the various Slints have been involved in since their 1991 breakup is almost as impressive as the list of bands they inspired: All three of them (as well as sometime bassist Todd Brashear) have worked with Will Oldham in Palace; Pajo spent time in Tortoise, and Walford played with Sally Timms and Evergreen. The only glimmers of actual Slintitude over the past 13 years, however, were the posthumous release of a self-titled EP in 1994, and brief appearances by Pajo and Walford in McMahan’s The For Carnation.
There are no hints to be found, as yet, about what Slint will be doing after All Tomorrow’s Parties; in keeping with the murky tone of their music, the band are not tremendously forthcoming about such things. But hey, a week ago this reunion thing was itself just speculation, so we can be patient. Kind of.
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