3 Nails/Evan P.

Everyone’s fav-or-ite (well, maybe not as few of you went to their shows) hardcore band, Three Nails For A False Prophet, is apparently breaking up after 5 years of being a band. The word is that they will be playing a last show sometime in December, 2004, and as a climaz to the show, shoot each other with shotguns (it’s all true except for the shotgun part). They promise not to cancel this show.
Also, Evan Patterson of Breather Resist is apparently featured this month in one of those goofy guitar player magazines that you find on the shelf at Kroger’s… I’m not sure of the name, but it’s cool that they’re recognizing someone good instead of sucking the ass of some Nickelback-wanna be motherfucker (AGAIN).
And to finish up, Redhanded has a new video up on their site at http://www.redhandrock.com/sub/Redhanded_lang.mov from their show on September 10, 2004 w/ Thought Riot. Check it.