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Here’s all the news that’s news to me….

NIXON has signed w/ Happy Couples Never Last records up in Indy. Their debut full length “Why I wasn’t in church on sunday” should be out in a couple of months. Keep an eye peeled for it.
COLISEUM recorded a new record back on December 11th/12th…. I believe it will be out in a couple of months on Level Plane, but I’m not 100% sure.
BLACK CROSS did not break up, dorks.
CHRISTIANSEN is releasing one last record on Revelation and changing their name to YOUR HIGHNESS. Mentioned in this week’s Velocity magazine, it just says that they never liked the name Christiansen.
In other news, farts are still funny, gobs of black eye makeup is STILL gross no matter how much you want to be Ashley Simpson, and Hulk gloves in the “pit”… always a good decision.
Ayin and Redhanded both have newly redesigned websites, and Ganthet’s site is now up after sitting on the shelf for months.
Speaking of Ganthet, Jared no longer wants Xs around the name (dork!), and they have a 7” called “‘Nuff Said (Scientific Progress Goes Boink!)” coming out in January. It will come with a booklet/mini-zine and a CD, so you can’t use the lame-o “But I don’t have a record player brah!” excuse not to buy it.
NRI (Nowlege Related Injury) is planning on releasing a new CD in the coming months as well. No word on the name or anything. It’ll be on their Tuck Records label.
There’s a pretty big free show being worked on for the spring to be the king of all free “maximum” shows. Details will be forthcoming. It will be mightier than Man-O-War.
Button Masher, Redhanded, and Surviving Thalia are both looking for more shows to play (well… isn’t everyone?). So hit them up if you need bands for a show.