Lords Records, lineup changes…

Straight up copied from the Lord’s updated webpage (complete with masturbating demon thing)….
A new Lords 7″ “Moral Darkness” will be available in late January, and “Swords” the 13 song debut full length is slated for release in April. Both records courtesy of Ryan Patterson’s post Initial flagship Auxiliary.

Pat Hume has left lords because he didn’t want to quit school to tour and he felt it was time to “turn it down a notch”. Pat is currently pursuing a music technology degree at Bellarmine University and performing in a folk duo with some girl.
Louisville MVP Matt Jaha will be filling in on bass on the Lords/Coliseum winter tour and when his schedules for Black Cross, Coliseum and Nixon allow…but Lords are seeking a full time replacement and/or some one else to fill in for another tour in late spring. Interested applicants must be proficient at metal and able to tour year round. Contact Chris [at] lordsoflouisville [dot] com for more information.