February 1, 2005

Sorry kids, I haven’t been up to date on this section, i know I’m an assface.

Moirai changed their name after finding out about some wimpy college-rock emo band with the same name. Rather than using their sniper skills and taking out the emo competition, they changed their name to Sever Reserve, and according to the rumormill, Brad quit the band. Whether they are going to break up or find another singer is beyond the view of my palantir.
Adele made a bunch of money thanks to the awesome E-town kids that put on Help Fest on January 8th. She somehow got waaaay more from that than she did from the HUGE Path Of Resistance/Damnation A.D. show in New York on Jan. 2nd. There are a couple of more benefit shows coming up, you can find info on the shows page or the message board.
Lord’s 7″ “Moral Darkness” didn’t come back from the plant on time so their record release show didn’t see them release a record. They’re on tour right now, and will have it when they return, so don’t cry little guy.
Ganthet’s 7″ is at the plant right now, and they are having a record release show (hopefully w/ the records/cds) on March 5th.
Pocketbomb is recording 4 new songs to suppliment what they recorded in late november/early december.
Kids that are helping spread the word about Adele are cool. As are kids helping spread the word about this site. Kids that go out of their way to look like Jet and/or Kelly Osborne are still fooling themselves.
Black Cross is still on the “indefinite hiatus” list, no word on when/if they will start playing shows again. It all depends on Coliseum & Breather Resist (both of which are on tour right now – Coliseum w/ Lords and Breather is still in Europe I believe).
The word on the Rambo show is this…. ZOMBIES VS. NINJAS!!! For those unfamiliar with everyone’s (well, everyone who knows about ’em) favorite athiest,anarcho-punk funnymen, their shows frequently see their fans dress up as vikings, pirates, army men, robots, etc… and battle it out while the band plays. There is video of some of these spectacles (such as a tank made of cardboard & a giant cardboard helicopter on the second floor of the venue which kids repelled out of ) on their cd entitled “”Wall of Death The System”. So get ready for the Ninja/Zombie war and be at the show on the 27th ready for some good times.
The Lucero/Avail show that everyone is buzzing about apparently WILL NOT have advance ticket sales of any kind, and there will be TONS of out of town kids (Nashville, Indy, Cincy, Lexington) coming in, so make sure you get there early! Info and directions are on the shows page kiddo.