february 14, 2005

Here’s some “news” that you may have known or may not have known….

*Ganthet’s 7″ is entitled “Excelsior”, not “‘Nuff Said” as was previously reported.
*The latest Adele benefit was pretty rocky, but still raised a bit of money. No word on the next one.
*Plans are in the works for a massive, free Louisville-band only festival this summer showing people that Louisville is way better musically than most people in town think it is.
*Uptight christians hate Dylan Smither.
*Plans are in the works for Black Cross to play again, so don’t give up hope.
*that Nixon LP should be out really soon! the Lords full length (Swords), the next Coliseum record (Goddammage) are approaching their release dates as well, so don’t forget!
*Lord’s “Moral Darkness” 7″ that wasn’t available at the show that was supposed to be their release show is now available for real, as is the 7″ version of “The House That Lords Built” (which has an extra song on it).
*Straight Laced (oi!/rock & roll) is really fucking good. Get off your high horse and check them out.
*Rob Pennington is going to put all of Ganthet on the bus and take them to school.
*The Prott’s mom listens to Op Ivy and yours doesn’t. She is waaaaaay cooler.
*The Rambo show and the Avail show are going to be some of the most anticipated/talked about shows of the year. Don’t miss out.
*Nike’s sweatshop labor practices are still atrocious, no matter how you try to justify how “cool” you think their retro-looking shoes look.
*I’ll take “anal bum cover” for $500, Trebek. That’s “Album Cover” Mr. Connery….
*Not only is Taco Bell in tons of shit for labor abuses domesticly, but Coke is in way bigger shit overseas, check it out in this month’s Z-magazine. Kinda makes one want to stop eating shitty, cheap burritos and chugging overpriced chemicals….
*The Bhagavad-gita reads like stereo instructions. In fact, I swear that on page 27, it talks about RCA cables.
*Straight Edge Sunday field trips to comfort inn is very comfortable, and “American Dad” is hilarious. Smearing black eye shit all over your eyes is still fucking atrocious.