My So-Called News…

Coliseum’s Ryan Patterson finally has a portfolio site up for Auxiliary Design… you can hit it up at
Alyson at Alley Cat Prints (who printed the Louisville Hardcore shirts and new Pocket Bomb shirts) is in the process of opening a storefront off of Taylor Blvd.
Metroschifter is still broken up. But you can get old shirts from Monkeydrive.

Monkeydrive’s Hort is reportedly playing drums for The Shooting Gallery now.
The Bush League discography is now up in the mp3s section.
Bryan V. has quit Ganthet and is looking for another band to play bass or guitar in.
Tony Ash may end up playing 2nd guitar for Get Dead.
The Brick House finally recieved their radio license from the FCC. The station’s call sign is WXBH. Punk radio is on it’s way kids! As for the Brick House, don’t forget:
Here are the meetings/events still happening regularly in the building:
* Bicycle workshop: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5 pm until 8 pm. Bring your bike in to learn maintenance, tune-up and repair skills for FREE or learn to assemble your own bike from the parts in our bike library.
* Noise collective sets up shows and other events, and meets every Tuesday at 4 pm.
* Library collective meets every Sunday at 2 pm to organize and catalog the library.
* Radio station working group: Wednesdays, 5:30 pm.
* Assembly meeting. 1:30 PM every Saturday except during board meetings, open to the public. This is the core group of volunteers that is responsible for day-to-day operation. These meetings are run on a consensus basis and often last about an hour and a half. This is the best way for new participants to get involved.
* Board of Directors meeting. 1:30 PM on the second Saturday of each month, open to the public. This is the legally-recognized operators of the nonprofit corporation. They handle legal and financial issues only.
Carter Gillis (formerly of Louisville’s TRANE as well as many cincy bands such as Dead Hate The Living/Cobra Kai) is getting married on July 2nd in Cincy. There were only a few flipper babies.