Hardcore Videos

Adele Collins (who is still in need of medication $$ to help fight her Psudeotumor Cerebri) has added a couple of items to her massive distro that some of you may be interested in… DVDs of Endpoint, Crain, Sunspring, Kinghorse, and Despair…
One DVD is a Kinghorse/Endpoint show from Tewligans in 1989, the other is Endpoint’s last show on Dec. 30th, 1994 w/ Sunspring & Crain (full sets from each). She also has a video of Despair for all you Terror fans.. it’s from the 1996 Cleveland Fest.
To get ahold of Adele, hit her up at PosiKid98@hotmail.com or catch up with her at a show that her distro is at.