Morning Belle CD release/newsletter

Hey guys,
The full length is finished! After a long week of us
in the studio till the wee hours, we are finally done.
It was recorded by Kevin Ratterman, who is the fucking
man. I put a couple of tracks up on our myspace, but
they are the unmastered files
( Go listen and tell us
what you think!

Hopefully the cd will be released on Sept. 23rd at
Crescent Hill Baptist Church. Keep on our myspace for
more details. There is also a chance of us playing an
instore show at Ear-X-Tacy on Sept. 24th. That will
rule, so keep an eye out for any news on that. The
record is being released with a lot of help from Tuck
Records. They helped us out a lot (booze).
We also will be releasing a split 7 inch with our best
friends Equal And Ultra. They are fucking rad, and it
will be released on a brand new label started by
members of Equal and Ultra. That won’t come out for a
few months though.
Soon we will be making new shirts and maybe getting a
re-order of the current ones. This involves cash,
which we don’t have right now.
In other news, I can’t sleep and am very bored. I also
have a quasi-mohawk, done by Catherine from Equal &
Ultra. Thanks, gurl!
I’m really bored. Fuck.
Alex and James are no longer members of Morning Belle,
which saddens me greatly. Hopefully when they are in
town they can rock some shows with us. Right guys?