Brick House news

Dear Brick House patrons, supporters, and volunteers:
The good news is that our programs are still going strong. We’re hosting events, running our free bike workshops and free art programs, assembling our computer lab and organizing our library. The radio project is coming along well and we have a few new programs coming up (such as a youth literacy project and the return of the Bizarre Bazaar).
The bad news is that we still need to pay the bills.

If you can, please take a moment to visit our donation page at or mail us a check. Any amount is welcome. We need to raise $1500 within the next two weeks in order to meet some deadlines or face late fees and additional charges.
We did a successful fundraising/outreach project at the St. James Art Fair (we gave away hundreds of Brick house newsletters and raised almost $500) but it was not as successful as we had hoped it could be. In addition, some recent fundraising events held in our building have also fallen short of expectations. This is why we must turn to you, the friends and allies of the Brick House.
There are 80 people on this email list. If everyone donated a mere $10 it would help significantly. If everyone donated $20 it would end our current financial problems. If everyone donated $50 (we could only dream!) then not only would it help with this month’s bills, but it would also go a long way towards future building-improvement projects such as HVAC and soundproofing.
Please give what you can. Perhaps we’ll see you at our big punk rock show this Friday at 6pm? We can give you a tour to show you what we’ve been up to lately.
Thanks for reading this. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.
This is the announcement list for the Brick House, a nonprofit community center located at 1101 South 2nd Street, Louisville KY 40203,