Bands looking for members….

Coliseum is looking for a new drumma.
And so is Nowhere Fast.
For details, click on “read more” or whatever it says below. But if you’re going to do it (for either), be ready to play 90% of your shows out of town.

Well, since the last update we did a very strange Canadian tour with Breather Resist. We’d like to thank them and everyone else that made the trip great despite the adverse conditions. Infinite amount of thanks and appreciation goes out to Geoff Paton from Breather for coming to our rescue and filling the drum seat on that trip. Speaking of… Coliseum is looking for a new drummer. I guess the requirements would be living in Louisville or the surrounding area (or be willing to move to Louisville) so that you could practice three times a week or more, being willing and able to tour 150+ days a year, and… be able to play our songs and have whatever personal chemistry it takes to write and tour together a lot. If you’re interested – mailto:
That said, we’ve been lucky enough to find a fill in drummer for our US tour with Kylesa and Torche. The always dependable and friendly Al Biddle of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (and drummer of the formidable Rammer) has graciously saved our asses and will be playing drums with us on this tour. Our deepest thanks to him! We’re very excited to have him along with us for that month!

Nowhere Fast is Trying Out Drummers Now!
Nowhere Fast from Louisville, KY will be starting to try out new drummers’ a.s.a.p. We are ending on good terms with our current drummer Daniel so no worries there. Our last show with Daniel is in December. We need someone worked in by late February to begin another heavy touring schedule again. We need someone who is dedicated to music and ready for a life on the road and music in general. You must know how to manage your money, make sacrifices, and be ready to practice and travel. We are touring more and more. One other thing we will ask is if you can play double bass. We use it often enough to have to know it pretty well. We do not do complete metal double bass through the songs. We are more melodic punk than metal. We will also ask if you are willing to learn double bass. The reason we need someone is that when a label comes and the ones we are working with need us to tour we can. We are a very family oriented band as well. One thing we can promise is good-hearted music and good times traveling. Please get a hold of us through the contacts below. Thank you and take care.
Seth Robinson –
Phone: 502 – 412 – 0519
E- Mail –