Site updates/History/Archives

1) You must now login to the history section to edit or add any information. I’m really sorry about it, and held off as long as I could. However, due to spammers and idiots vandalizing pages, this is the way it goes. You can still view pages without logging in, and I encourage you to do so.
2)Finally, more flyers were added to the flyer archive, and more are on the way on thursday and friday. Maybe saturday as well.
3)Douglas Maxson has written some very interesting things about Louisville’s “Old School” bands and scene… right now it’s located on the message board, which you can read without signing up for an account. And I of course encourage you to do so. I also encourage any other older folks to add what they can (i know you all read this).
4)New MP3s will be up Thursday afternoon/evening. I had some requests as to what would go up, but I forgot what they were, so it’ll probably be Spot’s Proud cassette (reissue version).

5)As for old MP3s, I cannot re-upload previous month’s selections in case you missed them. This due to time and space concerns. If you contact me, I can burn the stuff to CD for you though. Hit the contact page.
6)If I have a video/tape trade or you bought a shirt, I hoped to have all of it out during “Thanks”giving weekend. Well… I didnt. And as usual, I apologize. EVERYTHING will be out REALLY REALLY soon with some extra stuff, I SWEAR ON MY SPOT TAPE!!!
7)Aron Conaway has been compiling Louisville Punk/Hardcore/Indie stuff at the U of L library and is looking for contributions. EVERYTHING on this site (mp3s, entire contents of the history, flyers, everything) will be donated to his archives, and some if it will probably show up here. He can be reached via the message board. Helping him out helps us all out, so do it.
8)Farts are, indeed, still funny. If you think otherwise, you probably smell like cheap monkey piss cologne.
10)Speaking of monkey piss cologne, I do not smell like it. There is probably more “news”, but fuck, I don’t know any of it. See you at the Kodan show this weekend unless you’re lame and hate fun.