New bands, new songs, and more!

If you are interested in the new Panda lineup, New Equal and Ultra songs, a new Ska band in town, as well as Canopic mp3s among others…. keep reading.

The Louisville Hardcore myspace account has … ugh… been somewhat reactivated. Why, considering that I talk a record amount of shit about myspace and many of its users? Because no matter how much I ask people to send me their band news and shows, they don’t and this way I don’t have to nag people about it or lurk on their pages. I’ll just get their fucking bulletins and that will be that. The account will only be adding Louisville bands, no fake-ass-jerkoffs (or the semi-rare myspace cool person).

The Jotas are a new band in the Louisville area…. a new Ska band to be exact. I’m not sure about whoever is singing on these recordings… seems weak, but it might just be the recording. Anyway, these high school students have a couple of songs up on their new myspace…

The dudes in Canopic have an mp3(and may still be looking for a bassplayer.. i’m not sure) up on their booking agency’s page…. Voice For The Blind booking is representing them, Amherst, Sleep Well Apparatus, and more. MP3s from many of their client bands is available on their site at

Casket & Flower is a new band from Ex and current members of a ton of bands, some of which being 3 Nails For A False Prophet, 32 Frames, Equal And Ultra, and Life Over Lust. They will be playing their first show in Lexington in February with GOOD CLEAN FUN. (who has a new record out soon). Anyway, the lineup is: Ella Lumpkins, Big Jim Druzo..Duhzuv… oh shit, just Big Jim, Duncan Cherry, Gary Caprara Jr, Joe Manley…. They have no songs recorded as of yet, but they have already been bitten by the Newscorp/Fox bug and jumped on Myspace at:

Panda will probably be playing out in the near future with it’s new lineup… said lineup is: Sean Roberts, David Brooks, Duncan Cherry.
Check out songs and info at:

Equal & Ultra has not only a flashy (but brown… what can brown do for you?) new site, but they have new songs courtesy of a recent session with Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home. I’d suggest that you go forth and give ’em a listen. Songs are available from either link below and should be available in the not to distant future either from an interested label or from the kids themselves.

Holy shit Duncan Cherry is busy.