Last Saturday, Maximum Kickball, Compilations

The lineups for the next round of Last Saturday shows has been announced. Hit up the message board or the shows page (when I update it this weekend) for full details.
The 2006 Kickball season is almost upon us, I hope you all have been practicing over the winter! This years season will possibly be kicked off (pun unintended) by a show featuring your favorite kickballer’s bands, a cookout, and a game or two. Details will be coming soon, and I’ll make sure you’re all well aware of it. As usual, Kickball games will be open to everyone, punk or not, no age limit, and probably one night a week.
Also in the works is a compilation CD of Louisville bands covering old Louisville bands. So far, Redhanded, Nixon, Mike Taylor, Miller, Fetzer, Girilaco (M.F.G.), and several more have called songs, and at least 15 more bands are narrowing down their choices. Full details are available on the message board in the Parking Lot section. If your band wants to get in on the action, get on the ball and call a song soon. The CD will likely be released at a big show on or around July 4th.