A note on other “history” sites… and this site’s Ads

Just so all of the users of this site and of the Louisville Punk/Hardcore/Indie history know and are aware, content has been harvested from this site’s history and placed on another site. While copying is allowed under it’s license, the other site is ignoring the hard work that several of you have put into updating your bands and experiences on the LHXC.com History, and not giving credit to any of the LHXC users that added/edited the information. It is not even acknowledging this site as it’s source. It is also, through the use of advertisements (*see below), trying to make money off of the information, another violation of the CC license.
If people would rather use that site’s wiki-based “history”, feel free too. But I ask that you please remember where this came from.. http://www.louisvillehardcore.com/ and recognize it as such. Thanks.
(as for ads, according to my Google Adsense account, and adding in donations from people such as Jamie Miller, Daisy Schwartz, t-shirt sales, this site has enough money!!! to make it’s renewal payment in August. So I’m taking all advertisements off of this site TODAY. This site, and it’s information should be free to all. I don’t think I should make money off of just presenting and cataloging other people’s hard work. FUCK THAT.