Bodyhammer Reunion/CD

The Bodyhammer Reunion is apparently off….
“It comes with heavy heart to say…

it looks like we’re canceling. Seriously, we wanted this to work out. Unfortunately some us have too busy a life to add one more thing. I suggest a National Acrobat reunion and I’ll pretend to be Kevin Sachs. Anyway, thanks for giving us the opportunity to have a last show. Maybe in another four years we can do this again. I look forward to backing out of that as well.
Those of us who could get together did. We are all on good terms and there was a lot of back and forth. We kept saying we could do it and we would make it work. It just isn’t in the cards right now. It’s something we all wanted but not all of us could make it a priority. And that’s understandable.
Anyone who we may have let down… there’s always message boards and livejournal. All kidding aside – thanks for the interest and putting up with our garbage over the years.
Andy – Bodyhammer
There are mp3s available from the unreleased last CD on the band’s slutspace at