Glasspack news for March

It’s been a while so here goes…
the Pack has been busy writing and rehearsing new material for a 4th full-length release, their third on Small Stone Recordings. Recording will take place in Louisville in April and is to be titled “the Glasspack/Dirty Women.”
There are already at least 8 new tracks that we’ve been playing at test-run shows.

The new record will be out late summer/early fall and will be followed by an extensive U.S. bar tour, unless the Pack is invited on a bigger tour.
We have added new photos to and new 4-track demo tracks of new material to
our profile, .
the Glasspack will be test-running its all new material again in Louisville at The Rudyard Kipling on Saturday March 18 with Blade of The Ripper and Novadriver. Brothers of Conquest have changed their name to Blade of the Ripper and have all new material as well for an upcoming album, label TBA. Novadriver is a quick-ass rock band from Detroit that is label-mates with the Glasspack. If in Louisville, please attend, we’re accepting feedback, no pun intended. We have also confirmed a date with labelmates Tummler from Champaign set for June 1st at St. Andrews Pub.
As for Rico, his Pub is doing very well, look for St. Andrews Pub on .
Over and out,
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the Glasspack is a member of ASCAP
the Glasspack uses Fender guitars