Auxiliary Records news – April 06

Coliseum / Lords split CD for sale
Wolverine Brass & Black Cross join the roster
Last Saturday shows w/ Municipal Waste & more

Hello everyone, I’m just back from the COLISEUM / LORDS European tour and finally settled in at home. It was an amazing time all around – thanks to everyone that was a part of it! We brought a few copies of the COLISEUM / LORDS split CD that’s only available in Europe, they’re on our online store now, more info on that below. We also have BLACK CROSS shirts for sale online and all of the older Black Cross releases at super cheap prices.
In Auxiliary news, we’re very excited to announce two new releases. The first will be the debut full length from Louisville’s WOLVERINE BRASS. Wolverine Brass includes Billy Bisig, Stephen George, Will Hancock, and Connor Bell, who have done time in various bands including Lords, Elliott, Parlour, Irina, The National Acrobat and many others. We’d say they draw comparisons to heavyweights like Sonic Youth, Unwound, Nirvana and maybe even Fugazi, but you can judge for yourselves – they have two songs from the album streaming on their site now, visit Their CD, entitled Wicked Witch, will be out this summer.
The next releases from Auxiliary will be the second full length from BLACK CROSS. Now a five-piece with Evan and I both on guitars, Nick from Breather Resist on bass, Forrest Kuhn from Halifax Pier on drums, and of course Rob Pennington singing, we have been steadily working on new songs for album and hope to record sometime this spring. For show info and more updates visit
There’s a lot of activity within our group of bands right now – BREATHER RESIST is entering the studio today to begin work on their second full length for Jade Tree. LORDS is getting ready to embark on more US touring and releasing a split with IN TONGUES. COLISEUM is playing a few midwest shows with MUNICIPAL WASTE & DOOMRIDERS and are also working on writing a new album. Sadly, I think the much-hyped SKULL FARMERS may have fallen by the wayside.
LAST SATURDAY – Our Last Saturday show series has been going great! The first three shows have been amazing and the fourth promises to be the best yet with MUNICIPAL WASTE, COLISEUM, LORDS, DOOMRIDERS, BLACK SPOON BRIGADE, GANTHET and CAMPS. It’s Saturday April 29th at Keswick Democratic Club in Louisville. Visit for more info.
AUXILIARY DESIGN – Also, as always, if anyone is in need of layout / design for CDs, shirts, posters, or anything else, check out I’ve done layouts for Avail, Doomriders, Kylesa, From Ashes Rise, Suicide File, Dirtnap Records, Hot Cross, and many, many others – including all of the Coliseum, Breather Resist and Black Cross releases. Just drop me a line at
Oh yeah… I finally gave in and set up a MySpace account for Coliseum… You can check it out here: There’s also the Auxiliary MySpace page here: Fucking peer pressure.
That’s about all there is for now. Thanks! – Ryan / Auxiliary