Brick House/WXBH Benefit comp/show.

This saturday will see the release of a new compilation to benefit The Brick House and WXBH Radio. Around 6pm, festivites will begin at the Brick, but I have no idea who is playing or anything (probably bands from the comp)
A track list is below:

1 Disco – Echoes of Epidemics
2 Alpha Betty – Ya Basta
3 Ultra Pulverize – Dracula Drives a Black Chrysler Concord
4 Gaj Mustafa Cell – Serving Time
5 Your Highness – Ocean Wave
6 Lucky Pineapple – Can I Want More
7 Red Nails – Burning Liars
8 Faos – My Suit is Spades
9 Phillip Olympia – All I Need
10 Something – A Bit Nice
11 John Heywood – My Own True Love
12 Man With Wings Band – I’ll Never Get Over
13 Julien Aklei – Greensleeves
14 Matt Mattingly – Old Gray Mare
15 Ponty’s Camper – Willow Garden
16 Evan Greer – Two Hands Touching
17 DJ Organic – A Bunch of Mixed-Up Idiots (Message to the Klan)
18 Dark Waters – Speak Into the Microphone (version 2.0)
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