Chris Higdon & Jesse Kreich photography

Chris Higdon and wife Jessie Kriech recently contacted the site to let me know about their family’s photography venture – perfect for weddings, portraits, press photos, live bands photography or even photography for your bands’ CDs. I’m going to throw a link to their site up in the “art” section and the links page. Right now there are photos of Your Black Star, The Shooting Gallery, Coliseum, and more up on the site to check out.
Mr. Higdon also mentioned that he has a wealth of photos from the early/mid 90s era of Louisville punk that he is interested in sharing with people. Hopefully there will be an awesome archive of his photos available to the public in coming months (possibly as part of this site) to help document such bands as Endpoint, Falling Forward, Enkindel, Erchint and many more. When it all gets worked out, you can hear about it here. –