Glasspack June news

It’s been a minute or two, but we got news for ya.
First off, the Glasspack has just finished recording and mixing our 4th full-length release entitled “Dirty Women.” the Pack was given full creative control over the entire project and you will notice. A release date is not set but will be sometime this year, brought to you by Small Stone Records, which now has a powerful team of 35 bands around the globe.

The recording was done during Derby Week at Louisville’s magnificent Downtown Recording Studios. Nick Stevens of Downtown Recording and Dirty Dave produced it, Eric McManus played drums and Chad Omen on the bass.
Guests included Adam Neal from the Hookers, Matt Jaha of Nixon, and the good old Brian Foor of past Glasspack fame, now playing in a band called the Gaj Mustafa Cell.
In other news, Dave has been chosen to write a Louisville scene report for Los Angeles based video magazine T.V. Eye. Previous copies were only on video, upcoming issues will include a magazine, which will feature Dave’s article on the current state of Louisville’s hard rock scene. Past videos included such bands as QOTSA, High on Fire, Mudhoney, The Melvins, Tomahawk,
and many more. The video with Dave’s article should be available sometime late this year, more than likely available at Ear-X-Tacy because the video has worldwide distribution.
As for shows, the Glasspack has confirmed a headlining spot at the opening party and Jefferson St. Festival for the national Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour. The festival will shut down Jefferson St. between First and Second Streets in downtown Louisville on Wed. June 21. Also on the bill is Philly trio Pearls and Brass (Drag City Records.) The festival goes on all day for free outside, with ramps and dirt on the street for all ages. The later show with the bands will be in Coyote’s bar and is 18&OVER.
Don’t miss the Pack showcasing all those new songs, rarely does the Glasspack play for a crowd younger than 21, legally. the Pack has confirmed a return spot at the annual Stoner Hands of Doom Festival in Mesa, Arizona for Labor Day Weekend in September. Also on the bill are many other Small Stone Recordings bands and the one and only Iota, featuring the Glasspack’s webmaster and artist Joey Toscano from SLC. And on this trip the Glasspack will be making a stop in Los Angeles to play with fellow SSR band Sasquatch and film a video for the new album. the Glasspack has also confirmed a spot at this years Forecastle Festival in Louisville at the Mellwood
Art Center for the weekend of July 28-29.
Wed. June 21
Dew Action Sports Tour
Jefferson St. Festival
9 PM/18&OVER
the Glasspack
Pearls & Brass (Philly, PA/Drag City Records)
Saturday June 29, 2006
the Glasspack has confirmed a 4PM slot at the
Forecastle Festival 2006 at The Mellwood Art
Center in Louisville, KY.
Sunday September 3, 2006
the Glasspack has confirmed a headlining spot at
the Stoner Hands of Doom Festival 2006 at The
Hollywood Alley in Mesa, AZ.
As for clothing? the Pack has just scored a
new t-shirt account. Attached to this e-mail you
will find the designs for current Glasspack
shirts, all which can be ordered directly from
the band via this e-mail address. These following
stores in Louisville are also carrying Pack
clothing and are all located in the Highlands on
Bardstown Rd.:
Ear-X-Tacy Records
Cherry Bomb Clothing
New Age Gifts
Dot Fox Clothing
Home Skate Shop
Louisville’s LEO Weekly just published an
interview with Dave, it can be found at this
link: . And a
few laughs will definitely follow…
And last but not least, be on the lookout for
a new Glasspack MP3 single from the new album and
the cover of AC/DC’s “Rock’N’Roll Singer” to be
included on Small Stone’s part 2 of “Suckin’ the
70’s,” double-cd compilation. New MP3s are posted
on, .
That’s all, you’re dismissed.
the Glasspack-Louisville, KY, USA
Small Stone Recordings
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“come on everybody gonna have a party, nobodies gonna tell us what to do”
the Glasspack is a member of ASCAP
the Glasspack uses Fender guitars