The Argument (nope, not about Fugazi)

“I’m (Syd Bishop) doing a podcast with my friend Jonah O’Neil. It’s called ‘The Argument’ and it is just that; friends arguing varying topics. Some people call this debate. We happen to call a duck, a duck, and get on with it.
Never-the-less, we at the argument feel that our differences are our strengths and this show is meant to not only honor these things, but to have fun with them.
We’ve recorded several shows and a have a variety of ideas for future shows. Some things we’ve already argued about:

1. The Smoking Ban
2. The Space Program
3. Darth Vader Vs. Magneto
4. What Constitutes Good
5. Indiana Vs. Kentucky
and a few ideas:
1. gun control
2. abortion
3. full stacks aren’t necessary
4. the louisville mass transit system
5. 86-64
We’re always open to suggestion, no matter how inane it may seem. If you want to be a guest, let us know, and if we have room, we’ll definitely try, and work with you. Our first episode is up and pertains to which batmobile is the best.
You can subscribe to our podcast at and check out the website at
Hope this finds everyone well. Feedback is always appreciated.”