“scene” update

eh… haven’t done one of these for a while….
If I hadn’t written it before, Living Dead Brigade broke up. I don’t know if some of them are going to start new bands or not. It was awhile ago, and i’m slow.
I didn’t count it above, but Sarah Osborne is involved in starting a Samhain coverband for a Halloween show w/ Philip (Coathangers), Jason (Revenants), and I can’t remember who else.
Stevie Houston (Vagrants) has joined The Coathangers on bass as Tony is having a baby, and it just wouldn’t be fitting for him to be in a band that sings about abortions and hating kids. Travis Case also looks fucking weird in a suit.
Pusher had to cancel some shows due to their guitarist having health problems, but he’s doing a bit better now, and will hopefully stay that way. Jaha has talked about booking some tours, so hopefully his condition can handle it.
Redhanded started practicing again a couple of months ago, but finally started getting some new songs down and has added Jared Manning (Ganthet) to vocals…. I want to change the name, but we’ll see what happens when we start playing out in the next couple of months with a pretty much all-new set.
Several people should learn that just saying something rude to a girl does not constitute “sexist” behavior. It just makes you sound stupid and as though you are trying to stir up drama.
Partially related to the above, someone else is going to take care of at least the message board for a short while, I’m sick of looking at it.
Louisville bands would be signing up to play Woodstock if this was ’69, according to the latest Courier Journal Business section marijuana sales figures. Just remember not to take the brown acid, dudes.
A new band called Quick Kick or something of that sort debuted at the Black Bear Lair the other night… definite influences from friends Swish/Ganthet, but mixed with a little Spazz, The First Step, and Youth Of Today… they get the Louisville Hardcore.com best new band award. Serious.
I know it’s been quite a while, but Casket & Flower added Eagle Barber to the lineup on vocals. Works well for them even if he announces that they’re “only playing a few songs” in between almost every song. Video is up on Youtube.com. They should be recording somewhat soon.
Ganthet broke the f*$% up. Ear X-Tacy will still be selling 7″/CDs. Video of the last show is also up on YouTube.com.
Wolverine Brass recently debuted their new CD entitled Wicked Witch. It was put out by Auxiliary Records.
Young Widows have also recently released a new CD on the venerable Jade Tree label. You can get both this and the WB CD at Ear X-Tacy.
A bunch of bands have been sending me “new band” listings for the bands page… and I have to tell you, I’m not putting most of them up… ever. The reason why is that over half of these bands are not playing shows, or if they are, I’m not hearing about them. I’m not as involved as I used to be, but if I’m not seeing your bands name on show listings or flyers, you aren’t going to get listed.
Oh, and whoever keeps submitting “new” bands over and over and over but it’s really just Crain & Endpoint over and over – I hate you, go die.