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There will be a potluck for Dylan Prott at Tyler Park at 2pm on Sunday, November 12th. Please bring food. There will also be a memorial service on Monday, Nov. 13th at 4pm. This will be held at the First Unitarian Church of Kentucky downtown on 4th and York next to the main Library branch. Please come by and pay your respects. More information can be gleaned from the LHXC message board.
Redhanded has apparently decided on their new name, since after adding Jared Manning (Ganthet, Forthright) to the vocal position, they aren’t the same band at all anymore. The new name is GOLIATH.
Dave has sent the Glasspack newsletter this way… click on “read more” to see it.

Attention Soldiers,
As usual, it’s been a while. However, when the Pack is quiet, that’s when you know somethings up. This time isn’t any different!
First off, we’d like to say thanks to everyone that came to Dirty’s Halloween Party at Uncle Pleasant’s in Louisville. It was a success and the 4th or 5th year in a row, we can’t remember. We’d also like to thank Blade of the Ripper (new CD out now on Devil Doll Records), Stonecutters (new CD out now, self-released), Frank the Magician (this guy is amazing), and of course, Dirty’s other band Muddy Nasty River (in the process of writing an album.) More than likely, Dave will be doing another one next year.
In Louisville, in case you haven’t noticed, Dave has begun writing a new column monthly for the Louisville Eccentric Observer Weekly(LEO). The column is humorous rock’n’roll advice and self-help lessons for Louisville’s musically inclined youth. The column is called “Dirty Rock’N’Roll 101.” For those of you interested elsewhere, it can be found on the web at http://www.leoweekly.com . Enjoy.
In Detroit, we have Small Stone Recordings, the label partnered in crime to put out the Glasspack’s Recordings. A lot going on there. Small Stone has just made available on-line the second installment of the “Sucking the 70’s” compilation. For of those of you who don’t know, “Sucking the 70’s” is a double-CD compilation dedicated to bands of today re-recording the glorious tunes of the 1970’s. This one, entitled
“Sucking the 70’s: Back in the Saddle Again,” is available right now at Small Stone’s SECURE on-line store, http://www.smallstone.com . It is only available on-line for the time being. It features such bands as Clutch, Five Horse Johnson, Valis (Screaming Tress), Scott Reeder (of Kyuss), Alabama Thunderpussy, the Glasspack and much more…This isn’t the run-of-the-mill shitty sounding compilation, a lot of time and money went into mixing and especially mastering. the Glasspack’s version of AC/DC’s “Rock’N’Roll
Singer” can be found on the second disc, track 4. It also special to us because guests Paul Helvey
of Arch & Jason Hayden of Verktum perform on the track as well. It was actually recorded by Jason
at his Laundry Room Studio in Louisville and mixed by Monster Magnet drummer Bobby Pantella in
New Jersey. We’re very proud of it. Anyway, here is the track listing for the entire double-CD set:
Various Artists
“Sucking the 70’s:Back in the Saddle Again”
Small Stone Recordings
Detroit, MI
Disc 1:
1. Sasquatch “Are You Ready”
2. Puny Human “Crazy Horses”
3. Clutch & Five Horse Johnson “Red Hot Mama”
4. Dixie Witch “Rock Candy”
5. The Brought Low “Don’t Lie To Me”
6. Novadriver “Sin City”
7. Colour Haze “One Way Or Another”
8. Alabama Thunderpussy “Man On The Silver
9. Dozer “Mongoloid”
10. Acid King “The Stake”
11. Halfway To Gone “Honky Cat”
12. Antler “Those Shoes”
13. Brad Davis “Outlaw Man”
14. Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned “Season Of
The Witch”
15. Whitey Morgan and The Waycross Georgia
Farmboys “Running With The Devil”
Disc 2:
1. Throttlerod “I Just Wanna Make Love To You”
2. Red Giant “Saturday Night Special”
3. A Thousand Knives Of Fire “Bonie Maronie”
4. The Glasspack “Rock n Roll Singer”
5. Roadsaw “When The Levee Breaks”
6. Greatdayforup “Super Stupid”
7. Fireball Ministry “Turn to Stone”
8. Los Natas “Born To Be Wild”
9. Scott Reeder “Two Of Us”
10. Orange Goblin “New Rose”
11. Mos Generator “Garden Road”
12. Honky “Snortin’ Whiskey”
13. The Muggs “I Don’t Need No Doctor”
14. Amplified Heat “Neighbor, Neighbor”
15. RPG “Parchment Farm”
16. Valis “Dreamweaver”
And in other Small Stone news, the Glasspack has just COMPLETELY finished the fourth upcoming
album, “the Glasspack/Dirty Women,” for Small Stone. It is being shipped to the plant next
week, and will be back soon for pre-order. The release date is set for Feb. 2007. The album has
all new material Dirty has been working on for over a year. It was recorded at Downtown Studios
in Louisville, KY and produced by Dirty himself and Downtown Studios owner, Nick Stevens. The
normal time for the Glasspack to record a record is a weekend, this one called for a week of
recording time. There is one old one, a remake of “Ice Cream, but No Reply” from the first ever
Glasspack 2000 release on Better Days, “the Glasspack/Road Warriors’ E.P..” And don’t worry,
this record was recorded on multimillion dollar analog equipment so it wont sound anything like
the shitty sounding original. Guests on the record include:
1. Adam Neal, aka “The Rock’N’Roll Outlaw,”
formerly of Nashville Pussy, The Hookers, and now
with Blade of the Ripper.
2. Matt Jaha formerly of Coliseum, The Pusher,
and now with Nixon.
3. Brian Foor formerly of the Glasspack and now
with Gaj Mustafa Cell.
The artwork was done by Joey Tuscano of SLC band
Iota from original photographs that Brett
Holsclaw, formerly of the Glasspack, took with
Dirty’s help. It took a long time to put together
and is 100% Glasspack, Dirty even mixed it. The
wait should be well worth the quality. The band
is working on plans for touring, America and
Europe in 2007.
Well, that’s all for now. You can buy
Glasspack clothing on line, we now have Pay Pal.
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http://www.myspace.com/kentuckymotherfuckers .
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Tha’s all, you’re dismissed…
the Glasspack Administration