Old Louisville Coffee House

From Maurice at OLCH:
“We are currently trying to resolve issues with a new neighbor.
Although the music is never too loud for our upstairs neighbors, apparently it is to one guy who moved in next door.
We don’t want to upset our neighbors.
We’re not like that.
we won’t be doing loud/heavy shows on weeknights, until we find a way to resolve this.
We have a couple of quieter shows coming up on weeknights, though.
We’ll see if he calls the cops during the weekend.
How can anything be too loud on a Saturday night at, say, 9 pm?
The officer who’s come 3 times this month seemed more concerned about it being a weeknight… bands can always turn down a little, right?”

TONIGHT Nov 18 2006 7:00P
White Man Dark Horse, Postysterdayman, D.M. Schneider – $3
FRI Nov 24 2006 6:00P
Matt Breen (of Emanuel), Slithering Beast, State Champion, Good Driver – $5
Sat Nov 25 2006 7:00P
Broadfield Marchers, The Genius File – $3
THURSDAY Nov 30 2006 7:00P
Static Films, Elephant Micah, Century of Aeroplanes – $3
FRI Dec 1 2006 7:00P
Winter Solstice of Doom EVIL ART SHOW with I. Alexander Nash, music by Century Century – FREE
SAT Dec 2 2006 6:00P
Yardsale, Norust – $3
FRI Dec 8 2006 6:00P
Telescope, Viking!, August Moon, Janus – $5
SAT Dec 9 2006 6:00P
Blind Truth, Suspected Terrorists, Arsenic on the Rocks, Supercharger – $5
TUESDAY Dec 12 2006 7:00P
AA Bondy, Duquette Johnston – $3
THURSDAY Dec 14 2006 7:00P
reading: authors Mike Smith, Nick Ostdick and Jason Jordan @ FREE
SAT Dec 30 2006 7:00P
Jamie Barnes, Olympia – $3