Black Bear Lair Shows

As many people may have noticed, The Black Bear Lair on Story Ave. has become just about the only place consistently having shows as of late. Which is probably why they have started receiving noise complaints after several years of doing shows.
At least at the show last night (the first since the complaint), the show ended early, cutting a band off to try to help the problem. So be warned of the following if you don’t want to screw the nice kids that have opened their house…
*Please stay inside the yard area at all times. You can park your bikes around the side of the house. Please don’t yell and scream while outside.
*Shows will probably have to be done by 9/9:30. So the more bands you pile on a show, the earlier it will have to start.
If someone from the house wants to correct something I’ve said, or anyone wants to discuss it, you can do so on the forums.