August newz

I guess this is kind of a “scene report” since I haven’t written anything in quite a while.
*Duncan Cherry is supposedly going to start doing interviews and posting them via this site. When he gets a break from practicing with 20 different bands, I’m sure you’ll have some stuff to read. A long ways back, Brandon Skipworth sent me a bunch of old interviews, I posted them, and then lost pretty much all of them. If I can find them again, you can read those too.

*Speaking of Duncan, word is still going around about him helping start a new all-ages venue. And not only that, but his band, Casket & Flower, finally put out their debut CD. you can get it from them personally, their shows, or probably Ear Sextacy.
*Speaking of Brandon, his Noise Pollution label put out a record by Kangaroo, who in typical Louisville fashion broke up within weeks of the release date. So go hit Ear X-Tacy and check it out.
*In ex-Noise Pollution people news, Severs put out the Gaj Mustafa Cell CD that you can also pick up at Ear X-Tacy, but he also was passing out a mix disc of rare/unreleased Louisville stuff at Gaj’s release shows last weekend. From what he said, the reception was very good, and he will probably be making more mixes. So keep your eyes out for it (via the message board).
*Coliseum is putting out a new CD entitled No Salvation. You can pick it up at the CD release show w/ young Widows and Engineer. When? Hit the forums. You should know the drill by now.
*Consume Consumer is putting out a CD. The release show is
*As if there were not enough CDs to pick up already, Viking! is also dropping a hot one and playing a last show with the current lineup. They’re planning on going on though.
*Morning Belle is playing their real deal last show at DayDream Fest II this coming weekend.
*What is this Day Dream fest II? If you haven’t seen flyers or (I’m assuming) myspace bulletins about it, it’s a two day fest in remembrance of our pal Dylan Prott. August 4th/5th. TONS of Louisville bands from King Jr. (new band that covers Kids Like Us and is probably into Cold World) and Two Minutes Lost (reunion?) to Black Cross and Second Story Man. And non-Louisville bands like Don Caballero. Yeah, Don Cab. You WILL get all the juicy details from the message board. Go. Now.
*August Moon is playing their last show (until the reunion bug bites) this month… check out the forums for the details. Why? Because I’m too lazy to keep flipping back and forth between tabs to look, alright?
*Almost forgot… for the more.. bluegrass side of you (this IS Kentucky, comeon jerks), the Olympia Three will be putting out a new CD soon. Check the Pour House on the 18th (I think).
*‘s hosting account is up for renewal again next week. The bill is $100. I have no problem paying it out of pocket, but if anyone wants to float some green over this way, feel free. Hit me up at a show or via The address to send the $$ to is bryan{a}
*I’m sure as hell double sure that there is a lot more going on… but I don’t know about it. If you want your band mentioned, tell me about it or shut up and don’t whine.

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