Coliseum and Black Cross – New Records, Python Demo

Black Cross’ new record – Severance Pays is out today in all of your favorite local record stores. While I have yet to read a proper “record review”, word of mouth is saying that it is fantastic. For those of us with preorders that haven’t come yet – well, hopefully it’ll be this afternoon. This is their first full record since Art Offensive – which came out something like 4 years ago.

Coliseum also has a new record hitting Ear X-Tacy and probably Underground Sounds today – No Salvation. The first 50 people who purchase the CD from Eat X-Tacy will receive a limited edition Coliseum/High On Fire/ split 7″ with songs from each band’s upcoming records. The record will see formal release at Headliner’s on the 31st.
Also, you may have caught Python (ex-Quick Kick, Ganthet), who played a ton of shows early this month before Josh Raff heads back to school in Pittsburg. They have a 3 song demo out. Hunt down the members with a bow and arrows to get a copy. Remember to approach from downwind so they don’t smell you coming. The CDs are free, but donations are welcomed.