Olympia 3 News

The olympia Three
The Olympia Three have a new s/t CD out on Phil’s Dunkenstein Records.
THE OLYMPIA THREE Selftitled 10 Song CD [DR02]
“Mixing folk rock and bluegrass is what The Olympia Three do best on their debut full length CD. Frantic mandolin playing soars over catchy 2-step bass lines, as a warm acoustic guitar lays the foundation. While catchy vocal melodies compliment the instrumental music, The Olympia Three’s Selftitled CD on Dunkenstein Records is sure to entertain fans of folk rock, roots, and bluegrass genres.”

1. Genuine Ties
2. The Flood
3. Paper and Pencils
4. Live Easy
5. I’m Still Here
6. Silver Wings
7. Easy Come Easy Go
8. When Was Yesterday?
9. Jesse Owens
10. All I Need