Noise Pollution 2008 news

Louisville cult favorites The Teeth recently released their first full length CD, IN MINUTES, with us. As long time fans of the band we are greatly pleased to have them on the roster. Recently described in the LEO as “a post-proto-blast of uncomplicated rock ā€™nā€™ roll” which seems to be pretty right on. Check out the full review by following the link and scrolling down.

VRKTM played their final show in November bringing to end a great seven year run.
Noise Pollution will be celebrating our ten year anniversary with a bash at Cahoots (aka Tewligans, Snagilwets, Cahooligans, Cherokee Blues Club, etc.) TONIGHT!!! Saturday, January 12. On the bill will be THE TEETH, MINNOW, the reunited TYRONE and the OUT. simulacrum (Greg Livingston, Dave Bird, Tony Bailey and Matt Odenweller). Doors will open at 10pm and it will cost $5. If you’re a local, drag your ass out and show up early for a change. Minnow’s going on first and should not be missed. We will also have TYRONE’s previously unreleased second album available for sale starting that night. So bring some extra cash. Leo and the Courier Journal both ran stories on the show which can be linked to below.
If you missed WFPK’s series Louisville Punks: A Radio History, it is archived at the link below. Fans of the Bold Beginnings record will find many songs from that plus other material not included on the CD along with interviews from many of the guilty parties. Really good stuff here. If you would like to send feedback to the station and encourage them to continue this series in the future then please contact them at or 502.814.6519.
Lots of great reviews have come in for the Bold Beginnings project which have been compiled at the BB myspace page
That’s all, y’all.