Skull AlleySkull Alley is finally opening THIS MONTH. After several delays and construction breaks, the venue is just about ready. Their website is now up at They have several events planned to start off the new place on the right foot – an art show w/ DJs, a pop-punk show, a hardcore show, and.. does it matter? Just come out. Don’t be a jerk. And don’t booze it up at their all-ages shows.
Besides the venue, Skull Alley is also prepared to meet your screenprinting needs. Past clients include Pocket Bomb, Louisville, Lee Van Cleef, The Louisville Horsies Softball team, and many more that you may or may not recognize.

Skull Alley Show Schedule:
***Attn bands: if you see tba, contact us about getting on the show***
June 16 Monday – 6:30 $6
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Kepi Ghoulie
The Kodiaks
June 18 Wednesday – 7:00 FREE!
Come party with us!
Art Show, music, and dancing
DJ SeanJohn, daver, angryblue, frank martinez, john king, mellow-d, jared manning, aaron riggs, raff, los-1ne, and many more!
June 20 Friday – 7:00 $5
Zombie Chickens from Outerspace
Lee Van Cleef
more tba
June 21 Saturday – 7:00 $5
Mountain Asleep
Nice People
He was animated
June 30 Monday – 6:30 pm
mountain asleep
July 5 Saturday – 7:00 pm
Algernon Cadwallader
Boy Problems
more t.b.a.
July 8 Tuesday – 6:30 pm
Dylan Bredeau
more t.b.a.
July 12 Saturday – 7:00 pm
more tba
July 17 Thursday – 6:30 pm
more t.b.a.
July 24 Thursday
Max & the Marginalized
more tba
August 15 Friday
Best Friends Forever
more tba