Young Widows, HAW, Kinghorse, more

Black Cross and Head Above WaterYoung Widows will be releasing “Old Wounds” on August 28, 2008 at the Pour House. They will also play the record in it’s entirety. Other bands playing are Bad Blood and Plows. More info in the shows area of the forums.
Head Above Water is also planning a CD release on August 16th, 2008. This show will see Black Cross return to the stage, their first in quite a while. Also playing are Xerxes and Ex-Members Of The Holy Trinity. More info on the forums.

Severs is working on a Kinghorse covers comp that will benefit the Home Of The Innocents. No idea when it’s supposed to be out, but spaces are filling up quick. If you’re interested, as with everything else, hit the forums.
Lucky Pineapple will be live on TV in August as well. August 15th on Fox in the Morning to be precise. As Ben has written, now you can watch LP live without having to smell them. Look for them between 8am & 9am.