Frontier(s) have just posted their first recordings on (ugh) Myspace – Check them out.
Mountain Asleep just had their last show with Jeremy. And you unfortunately probably missed it. I’m sure Jeremy will be missed as well. I’d tell you who’s going to be playing in his place, but I forgot to ask.
You also missed me playing in my underwear Saturday night (Brother Doubt/Morning Augment/Nixon) and sexually harassing the audience (mostly Tony Ash… sorry man). For all of those people saying that they really, really like Nixon, shame on you for not showing up (again). That stuff is still thumbs up, and you are thumbs down.
Thumbs up to Skull Alley for being voted the #2 screenprinter in the LEO Reader’s Choice Awards. And thumbs also to Lucky Pineapple who were #2 for Best Band or something along those lines.
This site also placed #3 for Best Local Music Blog, and tied (I guess) #3 for Best Local Website. No idea how the hell that happened, do we all get consolation prizes from BBC for this?
Check out YouTube for Bodyhammer/Seaside Panel/Tyrone reunion vids. William (congrats good sir) not only got hitched, played in all of this, but got someone to video tape at least bits from it.
Check the Parking Lot forum for info about the slew of upcoming Halloween coverband shows. As with each previous year, it’ll be like a tsunami crashing down on your head and you won’t know where to go. or something along those non-poetic lines.