New releases (april/march 09)

A lot of these are little bit outside LHxC’s normal scope or focus for one reason or another, but so what. Go whine somewhere else. Like… the message boards.

Millions (Chicago) has a new record dropping TODAY Yesterday on 7th Rule Records. Entitled “Gather/Scatter”, it’s 8 tracks of what you want to hear if you want to hear loud, abrasive rock. Wow, how much more fucking vague can I be? This is why I don’t write reviews very often. Anyway……  Vocals are belted out by Louisvillian Corey Lyons (SHP, Bodyhammer) which is why I’m posting it here (and because he is all over the forums). Great bass tones on this record, btw. Catch these guys on Monday, Apr. 6th as they swing through on their way back from tour. They’ll probably be here later in the year again after their Euro tour.

Surviving Thalia is also releasing “The Occupation Of D.C.” this week. They just had a release show at Headliner’s this past Sunday night. The record should be available in local outlets this week if not next. S.T. is metal with a bit of Pantera influence. I’m going to stop there, not because they sound only like Pantera (they don’t), but I don’t know what other bands to list out. Some of you may remember Mike and Tim from the old Primizee’s band The Slackers. It is HEAVY, hard, and very well recorded & produced. Surviving Thalia spent two years on and off recording, re-recording and tweaking this material, and it shows. While The Fox can go choke on Clear Channel’s farts, these guys will likely get a bit of air play and attention from them, and it’s deserved. Just don’t hold it against ’em, guys.

As posted about before, Coliseum has a new 7″ (True Quiet / Last Wave) popping up from Deathwish, Inc. this month – I believe that you can still order the shirt/vinyl package from their webstore. You can preview the record on Deathwish’s site as well –

Stonecutters recently put out a new CD entitled Christhammer. Brian Omer’s metal juggernaut will hopefully be doing some more shows to support it soon. If not, surely it will be available at Underground Sounds and Ear X-Tacy. They had a release show a couple of weeks back where the CD was free at the door – and you also got the new Antikythera CD at the door if you showed up. I missed out, hopefully some of you all took them up on this deal. I’m pretty sure that both bands are playing the upcoming “South By Southend” fest later this month where you can check them out and pick up these same discs.

Straight A’s have been plauged with difficulties and setbacks in regards to their forthcoming 7″. I’ve been at two shows (at least) that were supposed to be record releases and still don’t have any vinyl yet (got the mp3s though suckas!). As for an actual date…. I’ll let Duncan login and add one himself if he wants, because I have no idea. I’m just keeping it fresh in your mind.

Olympia Three is prepping a new disc. It will be a split with The Parade Schedule. It will be released on Dunkenstein Records. I’m pretty sure that David over at Simple Disc will be printing these up (how’s that for a smooth shout-out?). This CD should be out on April 10th as long as some lazy *ahem* designer doesn’t beef it. I’m waiting to hear the tracks, but I’m sure they will be folky-goodness from both parties. Now that I wrote that, watch Phil send me some mp3s labeled as this record, but they’re really Converge or something.

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