Life Partner interview

Life Partner is a new(er) band from Louisville and just put out a record on Sophmore Lounge Records. It is available for free download from their site. This interview was with Aaron Osborne.

Who is in your band, what do they do, and what is their favorite ice cream type?

Patrick Hume plays drumz and I play the bass guitar and sing.

Duncan said that you all weren’t on your normal instruments. How’d that happen? What’s that like? Say hello to your mother for me.

Patrick and I live together and have a practice space in our basement, so we were just playing around and he was like, “hey man, wanna switch?” That was all it took. To answer your other question it’s quite amazing to be learning a new instrument, i love playing bass, also, Patrick is pretty damn good at drums.

Screw the haters, what do you think you sound like? Or what kind of musical style do you gravitate most towards in your songwriting? I’m going to assume some kind of post-hardcore or something, but I’m frequently wrong.

man, it just sounds the way it sounds.

Would Albini say that your band “wasn’t bad”? What about Davey Havok?

i would hope that steve albini would hate our band, davey havok as well.

So it reads here that you have an EP coming out on Sophomore Lounge records. Give the readers some background on that label, how you got hooked up with them, aaaaand all of that.

Actually, the EP just came out. It’s called “Life Partner is Friendz”. It’s on the sophomore lounge website and it’s a free download. We’re also going to be selling it in physical form on tape for a pretty reasonable price. Sophomore Lounge was started about 2 or 3 yrs ago by my good friend Ryan Davis. We’ve been in bands together in the past and i play drums for his band State Champ. The Lounge is more of a collective than anything, everyone on the label knows everyone and are all pretty good friends. I have a blast hanging with those guys. I basically just asked ryan if he’s like to put out some records for us and stuff, and of course he said yes, i don’t think you can say no to one of yr bandmates, so i won out on that occasion.

Besides the type of music that you are shooting for, what where you all looking for in this EP? Just to catalog what you had written? To display solid songwriting?

i wanted to kind of try and get our name out a little bit, we’re trying to play more shows in and out of town and i just figured why not? They’re pretty good songs and it’s a good lead in to our full length we’ll be recording later on in the year.

Why in the world do people drink PBR? Is raccoon piss really that good? And why do girls think that those “babydoll” dresses look good? What’s up big Preggo.

because it’s fucking cheap and you’re dying for a beer. As far as babydoll dresses, I don’t know what that is and you should probably ask a woman, not me.

What kind of lyrical subject matter can people expect to hear? What lyrical influences are you pulling from?

I’m glad you asked. You can expect to hear songs about women, juggalos, doing psychedelic drugs, girls who have kids, my friends, all sorts of stuff. I’m just trying to use as little metaphor as possible while at the same time trying to be as disgusting and just vulgar as i can possibly be. i want to try and offend as many people as i can. my lyrics are like a caricature of myself. me x100.

In a cage match, who do you have money on? Danzig, Stan Doll, Flo from the Progressive commercials, Paul Watkins, or the ghost of Colonel Sanders?

Mr. Perfect

Closing words? Douchebags usually like to do shoutouts, people that think they’re smart like to ruminate on shit that isn’t necessarily relevant, and everyone else seems to be short on words. Don’t let those generalizations stifle you. Open up.

Suck it

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