Split records and first shows

Aug. 27th 2009

Aug. 27th 2009

For those in the know, I bet plans have already been worked out for Thursday, August 27th. But I bet a number of you reading this could stand to have their night planned out ahead of time. So, I’m going to tell you to check out the State Champion, Giving Up, Bad Secrets, and Meah! show that night. State Champion is Ryan Davis, who also runs Sophomore Lounge records. And speaking of Sophomore Lounge, they’ll be releasing a 7″ at this show featuring Meah!  – and by the way, it’s a split 7″ with Phantom Family Halo. I hear it’s translucent ice-blue for all of you vinyl collectors.

This will (as far as Ryan or I know) be Bad Secrets‘ first show. Bad Secrets is Dan Davis and Evan Patterson switching up instruments and jamming out songs that are typically :30 or less. They have a 9″ coming out soon on Robotic Empire soon. I don’t know much about Giving Up other than they’re on Sophomore Lounge as well.

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
at Skull Alley (1017 E. Broadway)

STATE CHAMP (Louisville, KY)
Haunting, feedback-flavored country western.

GIVING UP (Garner, IA/all over the place)
Sloppy, country western-flavored feedback.

BAD SECRETS (Louisville, KY)
Dark and bluesy dungeon riffs from a couple guys with whom you are probably familiar.
http://roboticempire.com/store/index.ph … ts_id=3977

MEAH! (Chicago, IL)
Noisy, U.S. Maple-influenced funk pop.
Upcoming 7″ split with Phantom Family Halo on Sophomore Lounge.

5 bucks. 7:00ish. All ages.