Trophy Wives news

From Tony Ash:

I’m bored and wanted to share a few recent developments in our neck of the woods, for anyone who may care.

First and foremost, we have recently become a four-piece, with the addition of all around good dude, California transplant, and former Him and His Hair member Elliott Turton on second guitar. We are laying low for the entire summer working him into the band and writing a ton of all new songs. We have no local shows booked as of now, but we will be doing a big, free show here in town sometime in October, as well as a few dates in Chicago and other surrounding cities, to debut the new lineup and new songs, so stay tuned for that.

We just finished recording what will eventually comprise our full length record. It was all done at Headfirst Media by our friend Tom Curtis, and it sounds pretty incredible in my own humble opinion. He has a relatively new Myspace page dedicated to his engineering endeavors and such, so feel free to check that out at:

Finally, we have a new video to share. This one was filmed on June 6, 2009 at Union Rock Yards in Chicago, where we played at the first annual Electrical Audio PRF BBQ. It was a really, insanely good time from start to finish. The song in the video is still untitled, but…..anyway, you can see it on our own Myspace page, at:

That’s all for now. Bye.