Oct. 09 Noise Pollution News

Hello folks. Just a brief news update.

We’ve modified our dusty old website with a blogspot account so as to provide news updates with greater frequency. This will act as a sort of placeholder site until we get our stuff together for a proper overhaul. The old site will no longer be updated other than new releases which will be accessible through the blog. Please go to www.louisvillenoise.com to check it out and check back often as we’re going to be adding updates regularly.

We’re very pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new Second Story Man album, Screaming Secrets. It will be released on December 5th on both CD and LP. This record has been over two years in the making and is easily the best work they have ever done. The release show will be at Skull Alley on 12/5 with openers Straight A’s and Softcheque.

Second Story Man - Screaming Secrets

Second Story Man - Screaming Secrets

Evergreen Wholeness of the Soul can now be ordered at www.louisvillenoise.com and is available locally at Ear Xtacy Records. It will pick up national distribution on October 27th. You can also purchase it as a digital download right now at www.thinkindie.com and it will be up on Itunes in the next few weeks. We would also like to thank everyone who made it out to the release show last month and made it such a great night.

Metroschifter’s European tour commences next month and the dates can be found at www.louisvillenoise.com. Their newest album Carbonistas is available now along with a new “greatest hits” style collection entitled Whatever’s Wrong With Me Is Here To Stay. Go to our site for more info.


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