Microcontrollers, robots, freeduinos, oh my

Skull Alley is hosting “LVL1 Solder your own Freeduino Workshop” in January. Some of the possible applications (light controller, music synthesis) could come in pretty handy if you’re in a band, or hell you could get some ideas on how to make your coffee pot post to Twitter when it’s empty and alone. If you’re interested, it is suggested that you bring a laptop and your own soldering equipment if possible. If you don’t have a soldering iron, they will have a few available, but you need to let them know when you sign up (registrations are open until Jan. 15th I believe). For registration and materials (you’ll take your microcontroller home with you), it’s $50.

“Learn to solder and do basic microcontroller programming in this workshop. The cost of this workshop also covers the materials cost for a freeduino microcontroller kit. Your assembled Freeduino is yours to keep, so you can come up with your own electronic applications. This workshop is intended to teach you necessary skills for further electronic exploration. For registration or videos of possible Freeduino project applications, hit the links at the bottom.

Soldering is a skill needed for creating and modifying electronic circuits. A Freeduino is an easily programmable microcontroller. In combination with other electronics, a microcontroller can used for projects such as light controllers, music synthesis, robots, environmental sensors, internet applications, games and many others! Check out the workshop web page for some videos of cool applications. All proceeds go towards the LVL1 hackerspace initiative. ”

http://lvl1freeduino.eventbrite.com/ (REGISTER HERE – $50)

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