The Action Pack – interview and house show

There’s a new ska band in town. Srry Mike G. December16th20092

Anyway, they are called The Action Pack, and they want you to come out for a pot luck/house show on Wednesday, December 16th, 2009. They’ll be playing with Houses In Motion, Fork In Socket, and The Wax Intellectual. It starts at 5pm, and will cost you the gift of grub. So bring a dish (vegan or non-vegan, so it can be just about anything) and hang out. Give em a call for directions or plug the address on the flyer into Google Maps or something.

Back to The Action Pack for a minute… I did a short interview with Nick Haynes earlier this afternoon to help promote the band and the show, so click “read more” and… read… more?

The Action Pack – Nick Haynes – 12/5/09

1) So who does what in this band?
The Action Pack has a total of eight awesometastic members, pretty much all relatively unknown in the Louisville scene. Tyler on vocals, Mike on bass, Nick on drums, Ricky on keys, Rhys on Trumpet, Clint on Trombone, and Floyd on the saxophone.

2) Why ska? Do you feel like you’re filling a needed gap in Louisville’s music “scenes”, or are you just doing it because you want to?
I think a lot of people are going to be asking “Why ska?”. I think we’re the only Ska band in Louisville with a horn section since The Crazy Brass Smackers which is really surprising, and sad. I definitely feel we’re filling in a gap in the Louisville scene. I really want an Action Pack show to be that show everyone feels comfortable being at. Our music is light-hearted, and fun. We want everyone to feel welcome, let loose, and have a great time. Check your attitudes at the door, don’t worry about your scene points. Just enjoy the company of people that love Louisville’s music scene as much as you do.

3) How many songs have “pick it up” in there somewhere?
There will be so many “Pick it ups!” your back will break.

DinoRock4) What are you guys along the lines of? 2nd wave? 3rd wave? I’m not going to lie, I’d love something that would fit in with the old Moon Records catalog.
Definitely 3rd wave. Punk rock has had a big influence on many of us in the band, and there is heavy use of a synthesizer. We’re heavily influenced by the late 80s and 90s Ska revival bands. Our songs lyrically are very sing-songy and campy. If you’re looking for a band that’s going to rally the masses to fight against our government you’ll probably need to look somewhere else.

5) Can we expect a pie fight between you guys and the Kodiaks?
I’m pretty sure Spit could kick all of our asses at the same time. So don’t count on it. But on a serious note. I’m really happy to stand by The Kodiaks as a Ska band in Louisville. It’s not an easy niche to be in here and I’m glad they’ve stuck around as long as they have. They’re great song writers, and I’ve always thought they were really underrated. Pumpkin Pie rules.

7) Why was there no question #6?
No one ever taught Volz to count. Poor guy.

8) Who would win in a 3-way fight between Danzig, Cloris Leachman, and Ryan Patterson? What if the battle wasn’t fisticuffs, and it was just a Mario Kart battle?
I always thought Ryan Patterson was one scary looking guy. He doesn’t look like a guy you’d want to piss off. Everyone’s seen the video of Danzig getting knocked out, he’s nothing. Mario Kart Battle? Leachman.