Endtables retrospective

The Endtables

The Endtables

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In September 1979, a singer named Steve Rigot, guitarist Alex Durig, Albert, Durig’s 15-year-old brother and bassist, and drummer Steven Jan Humphrey recorded six songs at Real to Reel Studios in Louisville. The band now known as The Endtables released four — “Process of Elimination,” “The Defectors,” “They’re Guilty” and “Circumcision” — as an EP on their own label Tuesday Records. Mike Bucayu released the other two “White Glove Test” and “Trick or Treat,” as a 7-inch on his Self Destruct label in 1991. The 45 is long out of print and has fetched more than $100 on eBay.

On April 20, ‘The Endtables,’ which also contains seven live tracks, will be available from Drag City on LP ($14), CD ($12) and mp3 ($9.99).

‘The Endtables’ Tracklisting:
Process of Elimination 2:11
The Defectors 4:01
They’re Guilty 3:56
Circumcision 1:56
White Glove Test 3:08
Trick or Treat 2:30
Process of Elimination (live) 2:47
Break the Bank Break the Figurine (live) 2:04
When Beauty Meets Ugly (live) 1:59
Europe (live) 4:12
No Bed (live) 2:38
Trick or Treat (live) 2:04
Twelve (live) 2:51

– Mat Herron for LEO