Nixon s/t digital re-release!

Check this out, the Nixon s/t was one of the best records to ever come out of this town, no joke. I didn’t write the below text, so don’t bug me about calling them a metal band.

Matt Haas of Nixon by Bryan V.

Matt Haas of Nixon by Bryan V.

Nixon’s Self-Titled Release Reissued Digitally; First in Series of Digital Reissues

Little Heart Records forms new series of releases based on broken up Louisville acts

One of the worst kept secrets in Little Heart Records history has been their intent to start an imprint or series of out of pint Louisville records. Names and acts have been batted around for months, and it’s finally been decided: Now is the time.

Kicking off the line is the defunct metal band Nixon. Their self-titled debut is once again available, this time digitally, with an unreleased EP’s worth of additional tracks. The four songs, originally intended to be released independently, have only been heard by a handful of people close to the band, and being included here brings the total track listing to 17 songs.

Singer Matt Haas has been integral to putting this project together, piecing together all of the material and tracking down the files neccessary to make this release a reality.

Upon it’s original release the record was well received, including a french review that described the music as having “well hung testicles.” Describing the sound of the band can only be best described by guitarist Doug Walker, who said the following in a good-bye letter on the band’s MySpace: “I know, for myself, this band was an incredibly special thing. It was the exact music we wanted to play, exactly how we wanted to play it. No formulas, no rules, no method, just ‘Oh man…that sounded fuckin’ buadd… do it again.'”

In the coming weeks Little Heart Records will be announcing their next release in the series.

Available on iTunes for the low price of $9.99, Nixon (Digital Special Edition with Bonus Tracks) is available now. It can also be found on most major digital download sites. A link to iTunes can be found here:

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Little Heart Records is a Louisville, KY based record label. Boasting a roster with such acts as Rock ‘n Roll Television, California, Chris Karrer, The Gravetones, The Royal Tees, SaySomethingHugeonFire and many more, their goal is to cram good music down your throats. Fer serious.