New Chime Hours cd available now

The new Chime Hours cd on Noise PollutionThe long-awaited Chime Hours CD has finally been released by Noise Pollution Records. Ear X-Tacy has the CDs or you can presumably get them from Noise Pollution and the band members. From the CD packaging sticker:

The fine folks of CHIME HOURS and NOISE POLLUTION have joined forces to bring you this incredible EP, and all for a great cause. Every single penny of the purchase price will be given to our friend, Jason Noble, as he continues to regain his full health. For more on Jason’s progress, please visit

The track list is as follows:

1. The Walking Man
2. Houdini’d
3. Bad Music Is Killing Home Downloading
4. Pawn To King
5. Held For Ransom Olds
6. Roger Babbitt

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