Parlour – Simulacrenfield CD/vinyl

Parlour - Simulacrenfield. Cover art by David Ellis

Parlour - Simulacrenfield. Cover art by David Ellis

Parlour is releasing a new record entitled “Simulacrenfield” on Temporary Residence. They are a lot better at describing things and being verbose than I am, so why don’t you just read what they wrote about the record:

Simulacrenfield rearranges the vision set forth in previous Parlour releases, utilizing the septet for all it’s worth. The songs are tighter, heavier, and more melodically complex than ever before – no doubt partly contributed to the addition of Jon Cook (Crain, Rodan) on drums, and Breck Pipes (Cerebellum) on guitar. Furnish, Cook and Pipes – along with longtime Parlour member Steve Good (The Web, Sapat) – have a rich and storied musical history, having played in bands together in their hometown of Louisville, KY since the late 1980s. That familiarity and inherent musical dialogue with one another can be heard throughout Simulacrenfield; the rhythm section in a tight pocket while the guitars, keyboards and brass section trade sharp melodies and chugging riffs. Imagine a heavier, more disturbing Neu! with more unexpected twists and turns (and that’s just the jumping-off point).”

1. Destruction Paper
2. Camus
3. Jalepenooptics
4. Wedder
5. Simulacrenfield
6. Carrier
7. Sea of Bubbly Goo

You can purchase the record at Ear X-Tacy or on Temp Res’ site.

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