Mega Rad Fest/Birthday Show

There are two shows coming up this weekend that should be good times:


MEga Rad Fest 2010

Mega Rad Fest 2010

Put on by some of the younger crew, this backyard bonanza should get the neighbors pissed. It’s only $2 and will run basically 2-9pm on Saturday.

Swift Turtle – Hardcore/Thrash
Castle – Lovey Dovey/Acoustic
xBLACK BELTx – Hardcore/Thrash
Pleasant Nightmare – Punk/Hardcore
Great Scots – Punk/Folk
Poetic Composition – Lyrical/Rap
Minotaurs – Instrumental/Math
KyX – Rap
Pumpkin Deathbelt -Experimental/Punk
Pappy and the Drool Monkeys – Rock/Classic
Authority Over Death – Metal
Change For A Twenty – Alternative/Rock
Six Foot Fall – Alternative/Metal
Through Desolate Eyes – Death Metal/Hardcore
the Pseudo-Saints – Experimental
Matt Clemons – Hip Hop/Slug
Fresh Fit Riot – Hip Hop/Pop
Flat Lick – Alternative Rock

Duncan’t’s’ Birthday Show:

Duncan Birthday Show 2010

Duncan Birthday Show 2010

Duncan Cherry has a birthday bash going on at Skull Alley also on Saturday. Doors at 6:30pm, $5. From the flyer: “Stage Dives Mandatory, Root Beer Keg”

The New Mexico
Mister Grimace (alternate Evil Grimace lineup)
Late Ones
Damaged Goods
Years At Sea

(sorry, Automatic dropped off. disregard shows, aquire currency.)