All Ages Show Options

As you may have heard, the Chestnut House has decided to cancel all shows for the remainder of June 2012, and who knows what will happen for July. Some of those shows may find another spot, but some may not. To try and help out those that are trying to reschedule their gigs, here’s a couple of places that may be able to help out if not already booked up:

Spinelli’s Downtown

Spinelli's Downtown by Bryan V. Spinelli’s Downtown location has been open for around a year now, and has been stepping up their all-ages music shows in the past few months, with Little Heart Records shooting to do near-weekly shows down there. As downtown is, on the average night, pretty dead, noise isn’t much of a problem. For those who, for whatever dumbass ‘reason’, can’t watch music without booze, you can get anything that Spinelli’s normally sells during the shows (pizza, ).

Spinelli’s Downtown
239 S Fifth Street
Louisville, KY

Contact: Matt Ray
Phone: (502) 749-0919
FB: Spinellis-Downtown/

The Mammoth

The Mammoth by Aron Conaway -I Think- The Mammoth is a new arts show/studio/storage space in town. Located on 13th Street, it’s pretty huge (if you didn’t get that from the name). The business bills itself as “Artspace in Evolution & Urban Storage. The MAMMOTH is an insured, no-access storage facility with 24-hour security. We handle storage of residential, office, and commercial bulk. Our freight elevator can accommodate lots up to 106”x 123″x 95″.” They’ve done a handfull of shows, with reputedly no problems so far. Progress is still being made in regards to renovating the building for the new usage. And you may want to keep in mind that if you’re doing a pop-punk show or something where younger east-end kids will be let off by their parents – those honky parents may be scared of going past 6th street (Weiners. Get Over it). The Mammoth can be reached at or on Facebook. Read their FB info page

The Mammoth
744 South 13 Street
Louisville, KY 40210

Aron or Hallie (I think)
Phone: 1 (502) 587-6080

The House Of Wax

House Of Wax Basement by Bryan V.It’s little off the typical beaten path of Bardstown Rd/Baxter Ave/E. Broadway, but totally doable as a nice spot for shows. They usually only do shows if one of their bands is playing (understandably), but could possibly be persuaded to open up for a random 1 or 2 shows. It’s in the middle of a neighborhood, so noise concerns are something to keep in mind, as well as your expected turnout and how a Dixie Highway (just south west of 264) location may impact your targeted/expected audience. There’s been some loud Halloween shows, but I’m not sure that your 3 full-stack Wednesday night show is gonna fly. Shows are held in the basement and entry is usually through the backdoor/kitchen. I’m not sure who they would want on point for booking, so I’m just going to say hit up Vaderbomb or The Foxery and let them direct the messages as they may (Mike lives there and I don’t want to throw his # up here). Dudes, let me know if I should take this down and you start getting tons of garbage traffic/messages.

The House Of Wax
Elmore St.
Louisville, KY

Contact: Vaderbomb(?)

Keswick Democratic Club

Anwar Sadat at Keswick Democratic Club by Bryan V.Keswick, long a mainstay of Louisville’s all ages show culture, has fallen into disuse over the past few years. Turnouts for most shows have been lacking, and it’s hard to cover the hall rental price at times. And out of the last few well attended shows, there’s been several dumbass fights, leading the KDC staff to not be quite as interested as they once were. Still, there’s years of show history here, and it may be worth hitting them up. Younger crowds that didn’t go here all the time in the mid 2000s may not be as familiar with the area, but bands pulling a mid 20s and older crowd shouldn’t have too much problem with the whole venue familiarity issue (where it usually seems to take ~6months of semi-steady shows at a place before decent turnouts can be assured).

Keswick Democratic Club
1127 Logan St.
Louisville KY 40204

Contact: Mark
Phone (1):(502) 639-1242
Phone (2): 637-9639
Website: Facebook (not updated)
More info: LHxC Wiki Entry

The Vernon Club

The Vernon Club Logo The Vernon Club, also known as ‘That bowling place down on Story Ave.’ may be open to some all-ages events down in their basement venue area. With the lights and sound system that they’re running now, it’s a long way from when Nice People was playing down there to 15 stinker punks. So… they may opt for just doing bigger shows. But shit, it couldn’t hurt trying them out, could it? Just don’t mention Bush League when you call em up.

The Vernon Club
1575 Story Ave
Louisville, KY.

Phone: 1 (502) 584-8460
FB: The-Vernon-Club/

Nelligan Hall

Nelligan Hall advertisement Nelligan Hall is apparently under new management and assuming a bit of a new direction. And part of that direction will specifically be an all ages venue. The first show there under this new management will be on July August 5th, so it doesn’t help out people looking to re-book shows for the remainder of June, but should help bear the load soon. They are open to picking some July shows, so feel free to hit em up. The venue is down in Portland just east of Unique Consignment shop and Family Health Centers – right around exit 22 on I-64.

Nelligan Hall
2010 Portland Ave.
Louisville, KY.

Contact: Logan Cahall
Phone: (603) 545 4702
Website: Facebook

Additional options that haven’t been doing consistent all-ages shows, but may be open to Matinees or other arrangements:

  • The Bardstown (1801 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205 // (502) 749-5275) has a GREAT upstairs space for plays and bands if you ask nicely enough. Some bands can fit onto the downstairs stage as well. They’re an awkward venue for shows as the only bathroom is behind where the ‘door’ for the show would be (downstairs), making the upstairs a better option, though it’s more frequently booked by comics and plays and therefore harder to get a show booked. They had some problems with mics and equipment going missing after an all ages event earlier this year and have been not as excited to do more, but sweet talk them and see what happens. Just be on point with a good door person that will pay attention so nothing else walks out and/or people heading to the crapper aren’t really sneaking in. The restaurant part stays open during all events, further blurring the lines of who is there for what.
  • As mentioned on the forums and a recent LHxC post, Astro Black Records is open to doing some musical events at the new shop. I’m not throwing full details up above just because it’s not officially open yet, and because it’d probably be best for the business to get somewhat on it’s feet before getting swarmed with show offers.
  • The Mag Bar (1398 S 2nd St, Louisville, KY // (502) 637-9052) – may be a long shot, and definitely not happening at night if all ages. If you have a show that could do OK being 21+ definitely give them a call.
  • The Rudyard Kipling (422 West Oak Street Louisville, KY 40203 // (502) 636-1311) – hasn’t done a whole lot the past few years with the kinds of bands that this site poorly tries to cover, but worth a shot, especially for some matinee type shows or something. They seem to be best prepared for 18+ shows at the least (according to
  • Call some damn pizza places and displace all the singer/songwriter doofs.
  • The Crescent Hill Baptist Church (2800 Frankfort Avenue Louisville, KY 40206 // (502) 896-4425) that used to do tons of shows. May be good if you can keep from cursing on stage (fart x10).
  • Basement of the Deer Park Baptist Church (1733 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40205 // (502) 451-7220). Unless Andy Schanie is in town or it’s Halloween. Then steer clear.
  • Call some community centers. They may not always be cheap, but may as well use them if possible. California Community Center (1600 West Saint Catherine Street Louisville, KY 40210 // 502/574-2658), Clifton Community Center (2117 Payne Street Louisville, KY 40206 // (502) 896-8480), Douglass Community Center (2305 Douglass Boulevard Louisville, KY 40205 // (502) 456-8120)
  • Shelbyville Rd. Legion Hall (4610 Shelbyville Road St. Matthews, KY 40207 // (502) 896-4734) – near Whole Dudes Foods. Wasn’t cheap before, but it’s been a while and maybe they need some $$$
  • The Bardstown Rd. Legion Hall (2919 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY // (502) 458-1525) near Krispy Kreme said they wouldn’t do all ages shows again, but I know they could stand to make some dough. They may go back on it if you’re good about show security.
  • It’s really not likely, but you could always hit up Lisa’s Oak St. Lounge (1004 East Oak Street Louisville, KY 40204 // (502) 637-9315) about some early shows. Hell, they don’t even seem to have a regular schedule sometimes, so you may be able to pull off an all-ages evening show if you can sweet talk the lady.

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